Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface is a world class acrylic solid surface that is ideal for all kind of applications including countertops, wall panelling, bar counters etc. and can be formed into any shape and size. Composed of high-grade Aluminium Tri-Hydrate (ATH) and acrylic polymers, Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface is approved for all food contact applications and meets highest quality standards for fire safety and indoor air quality norms.

Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface can be joined seamlessly that results into monolithic finish of any size and shape. Seamless finish also helps in enhancing surface hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Even if the design demands combination of two or more colours, joints are finished without any conspicuous joints and entire surface maintain maximum hygiene standards

Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface is a non-porous product and its colour and design pattern run throughout the thickness of the product. This means Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface does not harbour growth of micro-organisms and also never de-laminate as other products having only top coating of colour or design pattern

Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface can be formed into various shapes using simple heating method and is flexible enough to transform your deign idea into reality. Thermoforming Bellissimo Premia is so easy that this can be done on-site as well as at the fabrication workshop; all depending upon design and size of application.


Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface sheet is an ideal product for finishing countertops of commercial establishments like retail showrooms, food outlets, cinema halls, convenience stores and many more.

Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface Applications for public area and institutions include washroom counters, wall panelling, wash basins as well as general furniture cladding applications.


Being subject to influx of large number of customers, both health-care as well as hospitality segment require materials that are easy to maintain and meet highest standards of hygiene.

Applications for Indian residences is quite unique and Bellissimo Premia is designed to cater all these requirements. Bellissimo Premia Acrylic Solid Surface is the ideal solution for kitchen countertops, washroom countertops, feature walls and partitions.


BELLISSIMO PREMIA ACRYLIC SOLID SURFACE is available in standard colour offerings that includes various tones, textures and patterns.Other than standard colour offerings, we can also offer customised colours and thickness as per individual project requirements.

bp-108 solid white

bp-109 sparkle white

bp-110 Pepper white

bp-110 stone sand

bp-112 marble white

bp-113 cotton white

bp-114 ivory

bp-116 quartz sand

bp-117 dove grey

bp-118 dark grey

bp-119 black



PropertyTest standardUnitValue
Raw densityASTM D792-13 (Method A) kg/m31730
Flexural modulus of elasticityASTM D790-15e2Mpa10200
Flexural strengthASTM D790-15e2Mpa63.9
Tensile modulus of elasticityASTM D638-22Mpa9050
Tensile strengthASTM D638-22Mpa45.0
Rockwell hardnessASTM D785-08 (2015) (Procedure A)-92
Barcol hardnessASTM D2583 - 13a64
Ball drop testJUT 908/2013No Defect
Water absorption (24h Immersion)ASTM D570-98(2010) e1%0.03
IZOD impact strengthASTM D256-10(2018) Method CJ/m5
Appearance (Discoloration, Crack) after heat water resistanceJIS K 6902 :2008-No Defect
Appearance (Discoloration, Crack) after heat resistanceJIS K 6902 :2008-No Defect
Accelerated weathering test (*) – DiscolorationKS M ISO 4892-2 :2012-No Defect
Cigarette glow testJC/T 908/2013-No Defect
FlammabilityUBC8-1-Class A
Fungi and bacterial resistanceASTM G21, 22-No growth
Color stabilityNEMA LD-3-Pass
Stain resistanceANSIZ 124-Pass
Abrasion resistanceANSIZ 124-Pass